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As the Justice Together Project we believe in a new business normal: sustainable, thriving, and welcoming workplaces characterized by deep alignment of values, systems, and culture. To achieve this vision, we focus on furthering organizational health and embedding equity through collective remedies.

Our Collective

We discover collective remedies, doing so with utmost accountability and responsibility, while fostering creativity, reflection and vulnerability.

Our Services

•System and Organizational Health Analysis
•Leadership Transitions and Coaching
•Equity Assessment and Work Plan Development
•Culture, Communication and Belonging Facilitation
•Change Management Intervention

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Collective Members:

Cara Mia Villalobos (She/Her)
Carmen D'Arcangelo (She/Her/Sie)
Gayle Johnson (She/Her)
John Coley (He/Him)
Liddy Wendell (She/Her)
Maureen Amipelia Ewing (She/Her)
Nick Terrones (He/Him)


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Proud supporters of native communities in greater King County Metro and further-including Duwamish Real Rent and the Malama Loko Ea Foundation.

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Justice Together Project

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Liddy Wendell is a collaborative, mission-focused leader with a proven track record of moving social justice and community empowerment initiatives forward, designing and implementing strategic programs, and growing the capacity and vision of organizations. With over a decade’s worth of experience in program development, management, and fundraising, Liddy has worked with organizations in the non-profit, private, and public sectors. Her leadership approach is defined by collaborative, values-based decision-making, sustainable systems-building, staff empowerment, and community relationship-building.Liddy has been recognized by colleagues as a leader-advocate who excels at creating an inclusive culture with staff and Board members. An innovator at heart, Liddy creates and upgrades systems that allow organizations to grow, identifies new ways to fund and deliver programmatic initiatives, and includes and provokes others to dream big and achieve.In addition, Liddy developed the Hilltop Educator Institute, an internationally-recognized program for educators, was a co-founder and advisory board member of Big Brothers Big Sisters’ (BBBS) Latino Mentoring Initiative, and has served on several boards and committees including BBBS LGBTQ+ Mentoring Initiative, Woodland Park Zoo Early Learning Advisory Committee, University Temple Children’s School Board of Directors, and King County Early Learning Coalition. Liddy has a bachelor’s degree in International Studies and Spanish from Macalester College, and a master’s degree in Spanish Literature from NYU.

Carmen D'Arcangelo is a highly experienced, energetic, agile executive leader with proven track record in driving anti-racist multi-level organizational change initiatives. She brings extensive skill in managing the daily nonprofit functional areas of operations, finance, human resources, communication, fundraising, programs and board development.Recognized for dreaming big, systems thinking and aligning decision making with action to allow organizations thrive in pursuit of their mission. Offering twenty years of experience in executive director, C-level and consulting roles in various sectors, including: food insecurity, art, mental health, philanthropy, technology, childcare, youth development, housing, and refugee.She has a Master of Business Administration from Simmons University, a Bachelor of Science from Harvard University, a certificate in Embodied Social Justice from the Embody Lab and a certificate of Nonfiction Writing from the University of Washington.
Carmen has served as a board advisor for the Simmons Graduate School of Management, Hilltop Educator Institute, Pottery Northwest, Green Tree Early Learning and COM Investments Foundation.
She enjoys cooking for her three children, being a Spartan athlete, walking her sassy pants Corgi Wanda, watching RuPaul’s Drag Race and writing lyrical nonfiction.

Maureen Amipelia Ewing (she/her) is a results-and-heart driven leader in the social sector, working to level the playing field through advocacy and social change. She has more than 20 years experience leading nonprofit organizations, building their capacity to better work with communities who have been traditionally underserved, including older adults, people who are unhoused, making arts and culture accessible to everyone, and expanding early learning for all incomes.Maureen is passionate about working with leaders and their teams to find balance and joy in their mission-driven work through executive coaching and capacity building support. Specialities include: diversified fund development including capital campaigns; board development; program development and evaluation; financial management & comprehensive fiscal sponsorship; strategic planning; advocacy and coalition-building; equity work within organizational development; communications, historic preservation/capital campaigns and more.She has served on several boards, including most recently: the APACE PAC Board (Asian & Pacific Islanders for Civic Empowerment), and as Chair of Seattle’s U District Business Improvement Area Board. In her free time, you can find her playing basketball and board games with her kids, in the mountains, concocting a new recipe, or in a yoga pose. She gives thanks to all who came before us, whose shoulders we stand on, who make our work together to bring justice possible.

Cara Mia Villalobos leads with passion in areas of coaching and leadership, relationship building, and growth promotion at individual, group, and organizational levels. She brings twenty-two years of devoted progressively responsible and ethical corporate service including providing visionary team leadership, and individualized coaching for excellence.As a primary lens, Cara Mia centers Two-eyed Seeing, composed of system recognition and collective remedy creation.Her consulting approach offers a multi-lensed perspective and silo-disruptive practices to overcome organizational limitations, build and strengthen organizational potentialities, and create productive, interconnective, and sustainable organizational systems and cultures.Cara Mia is a Level 1 Kingian Community Trainer and is Advanced Kingian Principles for Organizing certified; standing member of The People Organization and volunteer coach for One Love Organization.Currently, she is working towards an MBA in Sustainability Leadership from Prescott College, and graduated with a BA from Antioch University Seattle in 2020, with a major in Sustainability & Leadership, and minors in Media & Communications, and Global Development & Social Justice.Cara Mia is collectively-oriented, however is bi-cultural, as an urban-dwelling P'egp'ig'lha (Frog Clan) member of the St'at'imc nation in British Columbia. With her beloved husband, she leads her life with love, curiosity, wonder, and delight.

John Coley comes to JTP with a background in Early Childhood Education holding a BS and M.Ed. With over 20 years of experience, John has held positions as director, program supervisor and mentor teacher. John’s work with administrators, teachers, and families has been guided by the use of best practices in supporting equitable curriculum development. In working with administrative teams, John has employed the use of reflective practice as a guiding compass when collaborating on the review and development of new systems and policies through a lens of equity and sustainability.While John’s work in ECE has primarily focused on the development of teachers and programs, John understands the need for ongoing advocacy. In this spirit, he continues to partner with local educators and agents of change in providing optimal learning environments for early learners. John believes that justice starts with self-reflection and accountability. By engaging in reflective practices during both personal and professional environments, we ultimately began to notice our own biases. This is when we can begin the process of change in hopes of growth.

Nick Terrones (He/Him) joins Justice Together Project with over 15 years of experience as an early childhood educator and consultant. He has extensive experience in guiding adult learners in self-reflective practices to deepen understanding in how biases may show up in their workplace. Stemming from a social justice education background, Nick strongly believes that relationship building, and equitable collaboration can help individuals, communities, and organization become unstuck at perpetuating cycles of inequity. This includes practical approaches like exploring systems and structures within an organization’s operations.Nick is a servant-leader who seeks ways to empower communities to address their own complexities with a strengths-based approach. Using a Community-based Participatory Research (CBPR) framework, Nick believes groups of people working toward a common mission/goal have what they need to create sustainable processes of progress. Additionally, he applies an Indigenous lens to this work, where our stories are data and provide valuable information for the past, present, and future.Outside of the school setting, Nick is a member in the World Forum Foundation on Early Care and Education’s Men in ECE leadership team. He is interested in ways to recruit and retain men of color to the wonderful world of early learning. Nick has served on many advisory boards and has been invited internationally to teach and present. Check out his book, A Can of Worms: Fearless Conversations with Toddlers through Exchange Press.Mexican-Native American, a descendant of the Chumash people whose traditional lands span a large part of southern California.

Gayle Johnson is a passionate organizational leadership trainer and coach. Her moto is “an organization is only as good as its staff and the staff is only as good as its leadership.” Gayle loves to help executives and mid-management work on themselves to show up as their highest and best self. Gayle brings over 25 years of non-profit and private business leadership where she focused her energies toward making the workplace a place where all staff could thrive.Gayle centers her consulting on people understanding who they are and how they show up to others. Her approach is using emotional intelligence and other personality and behavioral tools for individuals and for teams to develop self-awareness and self-regulation. Emotionally intelligent workplaces communicate better, build trust with each other, innovate more, retain staff at higher rates and provide spaces for people to show up as their authentic self. Gayle also has worked with organizations on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Race and Social Justice.Gayle has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science, from the University of Washington, is Certified in Life Coaching and is a member of the International Coaching Federation, and has had courses in Transformational Leadership from Seattle, University.She is from an African American Pioneer family in Seattle, WA. She currently resides in Georgia.